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We Keep Your Air Compressors Running

Your air compressor will operate reliably if you take care of it. From compressor installation to maintenance, we handle all of your needs in a timely manner. At CNS Compressor, We have 20 years of experience in compressed air systems, so depend on us to provide you with quality air compressors and maintenance.



We perform compressor installations anywhere in Oregon and Washington. Delivery and plumbing is included with our installation service, so everything is ready to go when we leave.

Depend on us to always be available and to save you money. Cost varies from job to job, so call us for an estimate.


Prevent potentially costly damage to your compressor with regularly scheduled preventative and corrective maintenance from our technicians. We offer maintenance programs for all types of compressors in three-, four-, and six-month schedules, depending on your usage.

Maintenance includes changing the oil, filter, separators, condensate manager, and checking the entire air system. For your convenience, we schedule maintenance during downtime.

Some of our customers say that our maintenance has saved them money on replacing equipment. Prices vary depending upon the system size, but we typically charge $90 per hour and $1 per mile traveled.

Compressor Plumbing Installation

CNS Compressor offers plumbing installation for new equipment or new locations. We provide air leak detection, prevention, and repair along with permit setup at your request.

Benefits of plumbing installation include better energy efficiency, increased volume, cleaner air, and no air leaks, which saves you money. Service fees vary depending on installation equipment, etc. Line filtration maintenance is required annually, or as needed upon inspection.


We consult with you to determine your system's needs. If you haven't thought about your compressor in a year, it probably needs maintenance. We will inspect your current air system, including parts and labor.

New customers who want to build an air compressor system save money with our free consultations.

Compressor Plumbing