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Filters & Managers for Clean Equipment

Like any other type of commercial or industrial equipment, your compressors need components to reduce buildup that could adversely affect its performance. CNS Compressor provides particulate filters, condensate managers, and much more that keep your equipment clean. Use of our products reduces the amount of compressor maintenance you need.



The filters we use come in various types, including particulate filters and coalescing or oil removing filters. In turn, these filters are separated into pre and after filters.

Point-of-use filters provide filtration at the site of the tool that will filter out anything the pre and after filters don't get. Our filters are ideal for anyone who uses a compressor and wants to protect their tools, equipment, etc. Original manufacturer and aftermarket products are available.


Our quality filters offer you high efficiency removal of debris. They also keep your equipment and employee point of use clean.

Filters come in many sizes determined by compressor size and air volume requirements. Choose from brands that include Hankison™, Parker, Norgren, and all other filter styles and manufacturers.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed for whatever filters you purchase. Our return policy depends on the factory policy, plus a 20% restock fee.

Condensate Managers

Every air compressor system needs a condensate manager, because this product takes all the discharge from the filter and tank, and then removes all oil and hazardous materials. This process makes the leftover water OSHA compliant. Installation and maintenance is included with the purchase of condensate managers.

We carry Beko™, Champion, Gardner Denver, Palatek, and all other brands. Condensate managers range in size, depending on horsepower, and prices range from $400 to $4,000.

All factory warranties are included with purchase. Our return policy depends on the factory policy, plus a 20% restock fee.

Condensate Manager